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Half ハーフ First Press Limited Edition Concept Single + Love Messenger Necklace

Half ハーフ First Press Limited Edition Concept Single + Love Messenger Necklace

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>>> Love Messenger Necklace: 

The necklace design of this joint cooperation takes the Love Messenger pattern of Macau graffiti artist PIBG as the visual axis to present the idea of ​​the joint song and theme "Say love boldly, without restrictions". Say what you love in your heart and resonate with your other half (Half ハーフ) who are trying to find you; the necklace is hung with a paper boat charm that symbolizes the What The Land brand, expressing yourself who is constantly looking for your other half at sea, no matter how strong the wind and waves are , We must go forward bravely and find the other side of life. 

>>> Creation of the song "FAN FAN" and MV:

 The song was created by Triple S. The inspiration for this single was taken from the 1993 French film "Fang Fang". Ripples appeared again, which led to a variety of physical and mental contradictions. The male protagonist abandoned the platonic love of sexual intercourse and pursued spiritual resonance; the song MV was inspired by PIBG after listening to the song, and it was produced by the process of being good at character creation. 

>>> What the Land Illustration Stickers: 

The stickers and packaging design for this joint ride were designed and drawn by the What the Land team. The creative process and core concepts of the joint ride plan are conveyed through illustrations, and it also includes all the life scenes of What the Land.

Release date and pricing:

> Pre-order online (limited to 50 pieces)

Date: 02Feb - 06Feb2023 

Price $HKD / MOP 398

> Official release date: 07Feb2023 

Price $HKD / MOP 458

Art Direction: PIBG Music 

Production: Sloth Souls (aka Triple S)

 Original Publishing & Distribution: What the Land 

Illustration: Nicole 

Photography: Zeni Studio by ethan_sien

Shout out for supporting the locals! PEACE

Wechat customer service: What_The_Land

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