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一套好既電影配上一杯快樂肥仔水同滿瀉爆谷,造就perfect me time✨推薦PIBG心水電影清單,襯住聖誕節可以揀件着住睇加多一件What the land牌暖毛毯,warm住咁過個Merry Movie Christmas🎬

1. 洗水/純色長tee(看破小丑/快樂肥仔水/ 成地爆谷)
- 原價$588. 聖誕優惠價 488

2.洗水短Tee(快樂肥仔水/ 成地爆谷)
-原價$480. 聖誕優惠價 380

3.洗水衛衣(Move it movie / 成地爆谷)- 原價$688. 聖誕優惠價 $588


A good movie is best match with popcorn & coke, it made a perfect day! The movie list by PIBG, find his recommendations on those clothes, are they your cup of tea? Merry Movie Christmas! 🍿🥤🎬🌲

1. Washed / pure color long sleeve (Clown’s eye / Melted coke / Popcorn)
Price $588 Xmas Offer: $488

2. Washed Tee (Melted coke / Popcorn)
Price $480 Xmas Offer: $380

3. Washed hoodie ( Move it movie / popcorn)
Price $688 Xmas Offer: $588

4. All the goods on our website enjoys XMAS discount